Evolutio, Is Extremely Proud to support Brant Garvey from Western Australia through his ultimate Journey to reach the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Recently Brant became the fastest above knee Ironman in the World! Completing the gruelling test in 11hrs and 49 minutes. A truly amazing feat.

Brant Garvey is a congenital above the knee amputee that is proving that whatever life throws at you, you can face it and overcome it.

Brant’s disabilty doesn’t present a mental challenge to him, only a physical one. Since birth, he has always looked at what he could do in life, never what he couldn’t.

Brant was born without a right-leg despite no sign of limb loss in his ultrasounds. It might as well have been a sign for what’s to come, as he has accomplished more than many able bodied athletes. As a child, he has had a deep passion for sports and was always a competitive athlete.




Brant’s strength lies in swimming, completeing the Rottnest Channel Swim five times as part of a team. In 2002, he competed professionally as a swimmer at Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC) in Korea receiving a silver medal racing against the world record holder in backstroke, and in two bronzes medals in 100m freesyle and the 400m freestyle.

Brant also competed as a professional basketball player, winning five Australian Wheelchair Basketball Championships, the World Club Championship in Kitakyushu, Japan in 2007 as well as fulfilling a professional contract for Vigo in Spain for a year in 2006.

As a result of his recent achievements at Telstra Triathlon Series, Brant has been selected to represent Australia at the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in London this September.

His passion for sports and fitness is equalled only by his desire to educate and inspire others. In future, he wants to be able to be in a position to give both adults and children the tools, mentally and physically, to face their fears, overcome obstacles and dream big.

Brant competed in the CrossFit Open 2013 and finished in the top 17% in Australia!! against 20,000 able bodied competitors.

So, Brant, here at Evolutio. We've decided that a percentage of all our workshops over the next 3 years will goto you and your 2016 dream. Brant we salute you buddy!

You can also donate to Brant to help him on his quest, via his website at

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