Our new friend: Tiff


So, we've got a new physiotherapist; a former roller derby queen with the nickname 'Fat China' snowboarder, heavyweight champion of sleepy and easy cutter & gladwrap enthusiast. We put together a fun, little interview so you guys can get to know her.

  1. What inspires you?
    Phill inspires me.

  2. What is the most important thing in your life?
    Being able to do the things that I love with the people I love; spending time in the outdoors.

  3. Who is your favorite actor?
    I do love Hugh Jackman, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. I like him particularly for his versatility; he can be Wolverine, he can sing dance.

  4. Who’s your favourite person in the world?
    Can it be my dog? Yuna. I love my brother’s dog too.

  5. What is your favorite childhood memory?
    My favourite childhood memory would have to be when I went to New Zealand when I was 7. My parents took me to some glacier climbing in Franz Josef. And like, you’re not allowed to climb anymore so I got to do it when I was tiny.

  6. What is your favorite drink?
    Beer. My favourite beer is called Engine Oil. I also brew my own beer.

  7. What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
    Cafe grande.

  8. Pick one, Nike or Adidas?

  9. Pick one, Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

  10. Pick one, summer or winter?


Alex Drew

Raised as a sandgroper over in W.A, Alex was handed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and asked to leave the university lecturers in peace for good.  As a matter of filling his time, he also graduated from the Royal Military College as an Infantry Officer in 2008 after finally pointing his rifle in the right direction and making his bed to an elite level.

Moving to Melbourne in 2010 in an episode similar to that movie Coyote ugly, Alex has since worked in a few sports physio clinics across Melbourne, coached CrossFit, done power-lifting training courses, walked a 45km mt buller trail run and worked at North Melbourne football club.

Alex founded Evolutio in 2013 to provide a hub for the next generation of great physio minds to work together on high level athletes. 

He writes on business, leadership and mens health.