Hack Saw Ridge

Hacks don’t work. You need to work!  

I’m now officially (and always have been) the oldest person working at Evolutio. Safe to say I’ve been around the physio block a couple of times and have seen and worked with a range of peeps, made a few mistakes, learnt from those mistakes and had a few wins too.

As a physio, the one thing I am proud of is that our profession understands the value of giving things time and a bit of hard work when it comes to recovery from injury or improving performance. There are no quick fixes in the physio realm and those who come expecting instant results are either respectfully corrected…or they don’t come back (‘till they have spent time trying everything else and realise that maybe the physio was right after all!)

This video interview with the amazing Simon Sinek (a business and life guru that I am inspired by) recently went viral  and really struck a chord with me.


Some of the take-homes from this interview are that technology, social media and participation certificates are now producing a generation that expect instant gratification and results without actually even putting in any work.

Everyone is looking for that “hack”.

So firstly….what is a hack?!? Well, here are some #lifehacks I found…

Yeah not really that useful to be honest… they get some sort of job done….but all I see is that they either break what was originally not broken or actually just look like something’s fixed without actually fixing it.

The same can be said about ones expectations when it comes to changing biomechanics and movement.


Here’s a common one I see:

Problem - Unable to hit depth during a squat because of stiff ankles

Hack - Lifting shoes or weight plates under heels

Fixed - Depth

Not fixed - Ankle mobility


But what about all those “Hack your squat in one day” workshops or “Fix your shoulder pain with one simple trick” articles?!? Are these of any value?

Yes, to some degree. They give you some guidance and a place to start- they get you pumped and excited as they fill you with new knowledge bombs and skills…but the goals will only be achieved when you put the hard work in.

Here’s another anecdote (when you get old like me, you make your points through stories and anecdotes…that’s what old people do)

I attended an amazing run technique course early last year by the great Nathan Fenton of Enfer Running (if you don’t know who he is already, where have you been?). I learnt to run with better form…but there was no way that this meant I was going to magically run a half marathon at the completion of the course!

My muscles, lungs and brain still needed to get stronger …and as I write this, I’m still working on this goal!

So….Don’t be fooled by the quick fixes. At the end of the day, tissues need time to be moulded, the brain needs time to learn new movement patterns. Here's an article Bayden one of our other jet physios wrote recently , your body needs consistency to adapt, improve, get stronger.

At Evolutio, you’re guaranteed an individualised approach to your rehab. We will see you as much or as little as your body needs to recover, we will design an individualised rehab program just for you (you can even choose your own music in the gym to accompany your workout). No machines here. No cookie cutter programming. Just honest to goodness physio.



Jac is secretly not that old! She's 35. That's one quarter of the way through life.... She is one of the best known Physio's out in the Melbourne Sports and CrossFit market. She comes from an experienced background in Sports Physiotherapy through many years working in London and Melbourne.

She has a wicked eye for Analyzing Movement and Biomechanics. 

Jac works at Evolutio in Richmond, Melbourne clinic Mon - Thurs

Bookings with Jac can be made here