Honest Conversations, Motorcycles and Weight Loss

Honest Conversations, Motorcycles and Weight Loss

I’ve been out of the private training scene for a month or two now and I while I don’t feel like that’s enough time to properly collect my thoughts on this subject, I’ve started. And it’s a deep, fraught, emotional rabbit hole.


When you’re in the fitness industry there is a question that comes up more often than any other.

"How do I lose weight?"

Whenever I felt it coming I freeze.

Then I back away mumbling something about not being the person to ask because I’m only qualified in training, not nutrition.

"Rehab" and the Wild

"Rehab" and the Wild

First things first : 

There isn't really such a thing as A "Rehab" Exercise. 

There are only strength and conditioning exercises, which we use for rehabilitation purposes.

That said, some things get pigeonholed as 'rehabby'. And that's fine -  they crop up a lot more often in rehab programs than as #bro-sesh #hypertrophy #gaainnzzzz clickbait on TNation. 

However, the reason these exercises tend to appear so often in a rehab setting is precisely because they target a weakness or a physical need in a specific, safe and beneficial way. And they don't stop being beneficial once rehab is "complete".  

Top 4 Tips to Olympic Lift without Elbow and Shoulder Pain

Top 4 Tips to Olympic Lift without Elbow and Shoulder Pain

I’m going to come straight out and say it. Olympic lifting isn’t my forte. As an athlete halfway between a mesomorph and ectomorph with chicken legs after years of squatting, Olympic lifting is still the joker to my batman. Apparently, physics states that true mesomorphs and endomorphs are going to be naturally better at oly lifts, considering primarily that they have a lower centre of mass which increases their overall stability and have to move the weight a shorter distance from the ground up. Thanks physics...

Mixed grip deadlifts are fucking stupid

Warning: strong language.

Also warning: rant.

A mixed grip deadlift is when you hold onto the barbell with one hand in a supinated/underhand position (palm facing out) and the other in an overhand position (back of hand facing out).