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Are your Running Shoes Sabotaging your Stride?

Are your Running Shoes Sabotaging your Stride?

Our last blog in this 'Running' series is left in my capable hands. It's a case of aiming to demystify running shoes for you all.

Shoes these days are as clear as mud to the general public, and unfortunately many clinicians never analyse the effect of the running shoe on the ankle, hip, knee and back.

Working in a profession that involves footwear I see it/ hear it everyday and when I ask this question to patients. "Why are you wearing those running shoes?"


The generic answer is;


“To give me support”
“control rolling in of my foot”

Shoes are an extremely powerful product that can cause damage from the moment you put them on, the structural changes they cause through the foot can be mind blowing.

First of all, supportive shoes cause the foot strike to occur further away from the centre of gravity, this causes a series of ground reaction forces as a result!