Maintenance of your body, is a little like listening to the classics of the 90's. It's something you know you should do more often, and when you do, you're not sure why you neglected to do it for so long.

Superb hits from the bare naked ladies, third eye blind, goo goo dolls, brimful of asha and gin blossoms are closely related to their distant cousins the sternocleidomastoid, biceps, pecs, subscapularis and the scalenes. They've all released hits, they're tight and they won't be going anywhere soon.

As an athlete, you’re aware that your body adapts to the tasks you consistently give it but what about the tasks you’re doing as a regular person? If you’re spending the majority of your time desk-jockeying / car-driving / breastfeeding / baby-holding / iPhoning or similar, your body’s To-Do list probably reads

·         Round the shoulders and upper back forward

·         Keep the shoulders elevated and arms bent

·         Crane the head forward

·         Get used to long periods of hip flexion

Here at Evolutio we provide remedial massage Richmond to our clients and anyone that wants to experience true clinical treatment and care. We believe that your body is an extremely efficient machine, and we want to keep it that way. Plus, imagine listening to these 90's hits whilst you get these muscles released? True bliss right there. Heck, we'll even let you control the music if you ask.

Anyway, getting back on task

The list of Things We Don’t Need So Much Right Now might look like this:

·         Shoulder/scapular retraction and depression

·         Nice, big range of motion around shoulders, neck and thoracic spine

·         Full hip extension

·         Neutral cervical spine/retraction of the head

Let’s take a closer look at what happens to the soft tissue around your shoulder in this process. Generally when this kind of adaptation happens in the body, we observe muscles getting shorter and tighter on one side and all strung-out and weakened on the other. In the case of the shoulder this {is sometimes called Upper Crossed Syndrome and} may present as tight pecs and weak rhomboids.

Thing is, you may think the  problem is on the strung-out side because that’s where you’ll tend to feel the pain.

So what have you been doing? Getting a ball into the inside edge of your shoulder blade because it feels totally gross and also the best ever? That’s great, but it may not be tending to the root cause of the problem.

Massage Richmond and self-myofascial release techniques {such as foam-rolling and trigger-point balls} are for restoring length to restricted muscles. In this example, it might be better to get the ball into the anterior aspect of the shoulder where the extra length is really needed, and to introduce resistance exercises for a strong upper back.


Now… chest and throat. There are a few muscles to keep an eye on here. I’ve chosen some kooky ones because I’ve noticed they’re relatively overlooked in many clients’ self-maintenance programs.

I’m not going to prescribe some sort of self-MFR magic bullet that will undo years of postural habits in minutes (hint: not a thing). Instead, I want to offer some basic information on each of these oft-ignored muscles, and get behind you to investigate for yourself.

but... you're going to have to wait till next week, to know more about these.

In the meantime, listen to weezers album or come and see me at Evolutio for a Richmond massage at Warehouse 11, 3 Bromham Place. Melbourne.