Deadlift Strength & Conditioning Rehab Workshop for Physio's & Students
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Deadlift Strength & Conditioning Rehab Workshop for Physio's & Students

Lifting and Strength Rehab Workshop

Current and future Physio’s, it’s time to celebrate all things lifting and rehabilitation down in Richmond for a once in a year workshop presented by the team at Evolutio and the Communication Experience.

Join us for a beer and a deep dive into the world of the deadlift and its use in rehabilitating hip injuries, tendinopathies (adductor, hamstring and glute), back injuries and lower limb injuries including shin splints.

Here at Evolutio we've worked with large numbers of Powerlifters, Olympic lifters, AFL and CrossFit athletes over the past few years and have forged our detailed knowledge in the most common everyday injuries and how to combat them through high level strength work.

There’s no ego here though. Just a team who’ve crafted their skills together and are willing to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of superstars coming through the ranks.

6:30 pm -7:00 pm Introduction

Split into two groups upstairs and downstairs for 40mins each.

Part 1 -  Clinical rooms work on Assessment and Improving hip activation, foot and ankle movement

Part 2 - Practical activation from the Deadlift downstairs, learning the sumo Deadlift, Rackpull, standard Deadlift and Romanian versions.

Our workshops pop up sporadically when we can find the time, so don’t miss this one as another might not come in 2019.

Tickets include Beer & Jokes.

Tickets limited to 25 and available to Graduated Physiotherapists and 3rd/4th year students studying Physio.

Location: Evolutio Sports Physio, Unit 11, 3 Bromham Place Richmond

Time & Date: Friday 28th June at 6:30pm.

Delivered by Bayden Campbell, Kennedy Lay, Peta Glaister, Tiffany How, Kristina Kluz and Alex Drew

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