"A fantastic course run by two incredibly knowledgeable presenters in Alex and Brett. The course does a fantastic job in educating coaches and trainers on how injuries can occur in the gym and how to minimise the chances of this happening. If CrossFit & HIIT is to continue to grow it is essential that it is seen as a credible and safe sport in which participants can develop over the long-term. By bridging the gap between coaches and health professionals, this course does just that. It is a worthwhile investment for your growth as a coach and the credibility of your gym."


"Great planning and information for all coaches, well thought out and delivered. Definitely recommend to other coaches and look forward to a Level 2."


"This course is very well constructed and delivered. It's a highly detailed look into the anatomy and physiology of which we as Coaches have a priority to learn. The experience of the instructors in both a clinical role and coaching role is evident through their examples and teachings. The use of case studies and questions helps facilitate the learning. Overall it's a must do course for all coaches involved with HIIT."