In a world where we demand so much of our Shoulder complex, comes the need for improved stability of the glenohumeral joint, shoulder blade and thoracic region.

These three exercises are a great way to warm up for your WOD or add them at the end of your class to improve your overall shoulder stability and function.

These three exercises will help your shoulder sit back in its socket, improve the activation, strength and endurance of your rhomboids, serratus anterior, lower trapezius and lats.


1. Banded Pull Aparts

band pull aparts

Retract Shoulder Blades, activate rhomboids, core abdominals and keep ribs down

Draw arms apart whilst maintaining shoulder and shoulder blade position

Return to starting position


2. Banded Press Outs

Retract Shoulder Blades, activate rhomboids, core abdominals and keep ribs down

Press arms out in front of the body and let the shoulder blade move up and around with the shoulder

Return to starting position


3. Kettlebell Windmill

Start with kettlebell extended overhead and eyes on the kettlebell, ribs down and core

abdominals activated

Draw arms apart whilst maintaining shoulder and shoulder blade position

Return to starting position


Alex Drew is the director of Evolutio. A business in Australia which aims to bridge the gap between CrossFitters and Health Professionals. He is a Physiotherapist, CrossFit Level 1 and Powerlifting Trainer

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