Evolutio - Being Human is the New Black

In my view, what do people want more than ever? Honesty, humanisation, and the truth.

For me, it’s obvious. In a world that can be brutal, we’re saturated online with an ideology that it’s not, that it's a perfect truman world, when our surroundings, life events and personal circumstances can say a completely different story.

It’s taken me a while to get comfortable with this, truly comfortable. Employing team members who wear their heart on their sleeves, working with clients and other businesses who do the same and having ambassadors like Sarah Florence, Caity Haniver and Josh Ward has helped solidify this. With our team and ambassadors, you live through the downs, just as much as the ups.

In addition, I’ve had my own personal hard knocks, as everyone has. Nearly five years ago my dad passed away from a heart attack out of the blue at age 62, and in July this year my brother of 36 was diagnosed with a bad brain tumour, also out of left field. My sister couldn’t have kids after 7 years of trying, so in January this year she adopted a young boy and girl from Sierra Leone. The reality is we must accept and adapt quickly, or be left in a profound pool of our own pity.


So that’s made me realise, we have a huge responsibility to our clients, supporters, and fans to be brutally honest and say it how it is. You don’t want to hear that the world's all sunshine and rainbows. You want to hear that sometimes it’s tough, because that’s the honest truth.

Injuries are part of this. Training and keeping fit in a world where sometimes injuries don’t  have a reason behind them is the reality. Our job is to give you understanding, make your recovery seamless, easy for you to manage, and help you to relax knowing we're carrying half that heavy emotional rucksack.

So as we push towards 2018, my promise to you, is that as a brand in 2018, we’ll still be fun and humorous as always… but be more honest than ever, you’ll read human stories and articles, no pictures of us hiking with bae in the woods, no pictures of us standing next to crystal clear water, just people and a brand telling it like it is.

this is bae in the woods

this is bae in the woods

Next week we’ve got a humdinger from Sarah.


Alex is leader of the free world, and the founder of Evolutio. A Sports physio clinic like you've never seen, with a layout, interior design and people who are the best in their trade.

He started Evolutio in 2013 as a primary driver for high level athletes to receive treatment, advice and guidance. Evolutio is now one of the top sports physio clinics in Melbourne. 

Alex Drew

Raised as a sandgroper over in W.A, Alex was handed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and asked to leave the university lecturers in peace for good.  As a matter of filling his time, he also graduated from the Royal Military College as an Infantry Officer in 2008 after finally pointing his rifle in the right direction and making his bed to an elite level.

Moving to Melbourne in 2010 in an episode similar to that movie Coyote ugly, Alex has since worked in a few sports physio clinics across Melbourne, coached CrossFit, done power-lifting training courses, walked a 45km mt buller trail run and worked at North Melbourne football club.

Alex founded Evolutio in 2013 to provide a hub for the next generation of great physio minds to work together on high level athletes. 

He writes on business, leadership and mens health.