"Rehab" and the Wild

"Rehab" and the Wild

First things first : 

There isn't really such a thing as A "Rehab" Exercise. 

There are only strength and conditioning exercises, which we use for rehabilitation purposes.

That said, some things get pigeonholed as 'rehabby'. And that's fine -  they crop up a lot more often in rehab programs than as #bro-sesh #hypertrophy #gaainnzzzz clickbait on TNation. 

However, the reason these exercises tend to appear so often in a rehab setting is precisely because they target a weakness or a physical need in a specific, safe and beneficial way. And they don't stop being beneficial once rehab is "complete".  

My Gym Rules by Peta

My Gym Rules by Peta

I don't think that anyone I know would characterise me as OCD. 

In any way. 

At all. 


At time of writing I have 3785 unread emails, and I admit to being the progenitor of our recent clinic chat "You can wash your hair with dishwashing liquid but you can't wash dishes with shampoo." (the residue just doesn't rinse off and it ends up making food taste like Jojoba or Desert Oasis or one of those other beauty product words we all pretend to understand. You're welcome.)

Mixed grip deadlifts are fucking stupid

Warning: strong language.

Also warning: rant.

A mixed grip deadlift is when you hold onto the barbell with one hand in a supinated/underhand position (palm facing out) and the other in an overhand position (back of hand facing out).

The Butterfly Effect and Back Pain - Why a MRI in most cases is a Waste of Money

The Butterfly Effect and Back Pain - Why a MRI in most cases is a Waste of Money

In chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect refers to the concept that small causes can have large profound effects.

The same can be said about the management and treatment of low back pain.

At any point in your journey of experiencing back pain- from onset of pain to rehab and recovery, it has been well researched that how or what you are diagnosed with coupled with what your therapist even says can change how you recover.

Here are some facts: