Evolutio - Practitioners


Alex Drew


Age: 32

Raised as a sand-groper over in W.A, Alex was handed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and asked to leave the university lecturers in peace for good.

Moving to Melbourne in an episode similar to that movie Coyote ugly, you know the one where Violet moves to New York City and has to dance on the bar and pour tequila shots to survive. Then falls in love, but her father misses her, she’s torn between her new love and looking after her father. Well similar to that but not really.

Alex has since worked in a few sports physio clinics across Melbourne, coached CrossFit, done power-lifting training courses, walked a 45km mt buller trail run and worked at North Melbourne football club.

Alex founded Evolutio in 2013 to provide a hub for the next generation of great physio minds to work together on high level athletes. He now consults and chooses the clinic music. Apart from that he's not allowed to do anything else.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy

CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer


Kristina Kluz


Age: 28

Kristina or as we like to call her, Kris Kringle is our newest recruit flown in directly from Europe on the new Dreamliner with Qantas from London (Alan Joyce, call us, let’s talk business). Following a 13 month stint in Europe, especially in Germany where if you didn’t already know, the hole punch was invented by a lad called Matthius Theel around 1886, those that argue it was Friedrich Soennecken don’t know the real truth, cue upcoming Netflix documentary.

Kristina has been travelling and chasing winter snow seasons like the fellas off Hot Tub Time Machine since graduating Physio in 2012. As a skier, she’s now in direct competition with Phat China our snowboarder (please see below) so you’ll often see them playing tricks on each other, like hiding each others milo tins and pop tarts at recess.

Having worked as a Physiotherapist at ski resorts in Japan, Austria and Australia’s own Mt Hotham, Kristina is your girl for any snow sports related injuries or to ensure you are prepared to hit the slopes and avoid injury.



Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Monash University)

Dry Needling Certified

German Language B2 qualified

Whitest teeth in Cologne 2017, 2018


Bayden Campbell


Age: 30

Conscripted from rural Tasmania, Bayden is the fourth best item to be exported from the iconic state, following in no specific order, pinot noir, Sullivans cove whiskey and Simon Baker.

Built on the old fashioned principles of hard yakka and earning your dinner (we're not actually sure if he grew up on a farm) Bayden brings a wealth of experience as a Physio in strength and conditioning and high level rehab to the team at Evolutio.

To be honest, if it wasn't for the black cow steak bistro in Launceston, we might never have gone to Tasmania to recruit a team member. However after meeting Bayden and being told by authorities we had to have diversity amongst our team, we very quickly realised he was a constant over achiever and as rare as David Boon. 



'Doctor' of Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Exercise Science

Dry Needling Certified

VAFA Trainer of the year 2016

Tasmania's most consistent smile 2010,2011


Tiffany How

Age: 80

Before legally changing her name to Tiffany How, she was known previously as Phat China in the underground world of roller derby. Say it ten times really fast; isn’t it such an unfortunate name?

Anyway, we found Phat China wondering the sandy streets of Inverloch after becoming lost on her pilgrimage from Adelaide to the Victorian snow fields. Having lived in Adelaide where the water is non-potable, she quickly learnt to quench her thirsts by brewing her own beer and kombucha. We believe this was all she has consumed in her journey because she obviously hadn’t eaten for days.

Thankfully, her skills in physiotherapy are better than her navigation. She has been the shortest member of the Victorian Indoor Netball National team for years though she’s never actually been allowed to play... just treat.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy (University of South Australia)

Dry Needling Certified


Peta Glaister

Remedial Massage Therapist

Age: 34

Two years ago, we selected a group of 15 candidates we thought could one day be up to the job of joining Evolutio as our Remedial massage therapist. We sent these 15 candidates to a remote island for two years and they battled each other on various tasks, eating only rice and hand caught fish wearing bandannas until one was left.

It turns out Peta grew up on the actual block our new clinic is established on. Which is why it was compassionate of us to give someone a job in the household before evicting them and knocking down the old family home with a bulldozer.

She lived in France for 6 years and can legitimately barbell hip thrust 200kg, which is handy if you ever get your small car bogged. Don't call the RACV, call us and we'll happily send her out to hip thrust your car out of trouble.



World Record holder for 1km Ergo Rower Female 30-39yrs.. enough said

Victorian State Team for Surf Boat Rowing


Phill Danzi


Age: 26

Phill's last name translates to 'hero soup warrior, who cometh and salute the wild flower'. In the early 8th century, Phill ventured north with the other young warriors to complete his degree in the old Saxon land of  East Anglia (Sydney) run at the time by King Baird the III, before he was dethroned for killing the greyhound industry. Anyway again we lost track, Phill has coached at CrossFit Moreland and is a true lover of snatches, squats, the squat snatch, the snatch squat, the squat squat and the double snatch.

Being Italian, he is a big soccer fan, but hasn't even cooked us a true Italian meal yet, until that time comes, he's on thin ice with us. Physio wise, he's a amazing. You'd be lucky to have him as your Physiotherapist. It's just the whole lasagna thing we're waiting on, but that's not your fault.



Masters of Physiotherapy (University of Sydney)

Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Dry Needling Certified