Go sports!

Last weekend I had the privilege of watching our very own Peta G smash through waves in row boat. Of course, being the absolute beast that she is, she won all four of her races on the day.

Before this day I had never even heard of surf boat rowing. I love discovering new sports; whether through friends or patients that I’ve treated.

Here’s a short list of unusual sports that I’ve come across with my personal interpretation of each:


Surf boat rowing

Five people in a vessel, recreating an epic battle against Poseidon. Each team will simultaneously venture out into pummelling waves with full hope that they will make it back to shore unscathed. Collateral damage is expected in the form of lost fingers; some consider this a small sacrifice to the merciful gods of the sea..

LARP: Live action role-playing game

Grown men and women who have been led to believe that Halloween is held every weekend of the year. If you encounter a larper, be sure to provide treats as their trickery may result in violence.

Underwater rugby

Do you know what rugby is? Do you know what a fish is? ‘Nuff said.

The most athletically talented fish are scouted from each school then formed into teams. Two teams are then placed into a single fish bowl Colosseum where they will engage in underwater gladiator-style brawl.

Roller derby

No, it does not involve a ball. However, most derby teams will nominate their smallest player to be the ball. The aim of the ‘ball’ is to travel very fast in an anticlockwise direction while moving through gaps in human walls. The opposing team’s remaining players form moving walls to stop said ball from passing through any gaps and ideally bump the ball in the opposite direction of where it wants to go.

So basically it’s human pinball on roller skates.


Chase tag

Basically tiggi or chasey or tag but on a Ninja Warrior course. This sport is probably advantageous for delinquents with a criminal history. Professionals and elite athletes may choose to commit petty crimes in order to be chased by police as this will provide adequate and meaningful cross training.

Are my interpretations close enough? What other weird and wacky sports have I missed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Tiffany How - Physiotherapist

Tiffany How - Physiotherapist

Tiffany is a former roller derby queen with the nickname 'Fat China' snowboarder, heavyweight champion of sleepy and easy cutter & gladwrap enthusiast. 

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