Annual 2016 Coaches Compeitition

It’s that time of the year again…We want to find this year’s Coach of the Year and its your chance to nominate a worthy candidate!


Criteria for eligibility:


1)     Your Coach knows their sh*t !


They are forever learning, (secretly a geek underneath all that active wear) researching, reading and refining their methods.  You may see them frequenting workshops, collaborating with other coaches and health professionals or even buried in books and articles to ensure that you are receiving the most up to date information about everything there is to know to make you a better athlete! 

2015 Annual Australian Coach of the Year

2015 Annual Australian Coach of the Year

It's with Great Pleasure that we Announce the Winners of our 2015 Annual Australian Coach of the Year. This has been our biggest year with 180 nominations for 26 Coaches from all over Australia. The majority of our nominated coaches currently work as CrossFit Coaches and it's great to see a combination of owner coaches and coaches be nominated by their members.

We'd like to thank every single athlete who took time out to nominate their coach and put forward compelling cases. We had an amazing but diffiuclt time assessing all the entries and finding our winners. Special thanks to Siobhan from CrossFit U in the Anything else we shold know category who gave us some movie advice  "The new mad Max movie is really cool. Maybe you should check it out :)" Thanks Siobhan we might just do that.

So without any further adieu here are the winners and complete list of nominated coaches. We've also added in some of the entries under each of the coaches, so you can see that there are some amazing people out there going above and beyond their duty.

To these coaches, we salute you.