Annual 2016 Coaches Compeitition

It’s that time of the year again…We want to find this year’s Coach of the Year and its your chance to nominate a worthy candidate!


Criteria for eligibility:


1)     Your Coach knows their sh*t !

They are forever learning, (secretly a geek underneath all that active wear) researching, reading and refining their methods.  You may see them frequenting workshops, collaborating with other coaches and health professionals or even buried in books and articles to ensure that you are receiving the most up to date information about everything there is to know to make you a better athlete!



2)     Your Coach inspires you

To inspire is to facilitate action. Your coach doesn’t have to be the best athlete in order to achieve this.  Inspiration comes from observing vulnerability, dedication to work on their weaknesses or through an injury and the ability to display virtuosity in all that they do…afterall, they are constantly drumming the importance of technique to you…do they practice what they preach!?

“Lauren herself has experienced her own set backs due to injury however she has never seen this is as a negative and instead has used the time productively to work on weaknesses and mobility. Specifically, Lauren injured her knee and was not able to squat for a very long time. This did not stop her turning up to the box day in day out”

(2015 Nominee Coach Lauren Tabone )


“Sares is an amazing hardworking mother of two, (soon to be three). She has overcome many hurdles to get where she is today and she does so with a positive attitude and a beautiful outlook on life. She is an inspiration to many many people inside Crossfit Croydon and throughout the community”

(2015 Nominee Coach Saresy Grounds)


3)     Your coach knows you…

…like really knows you! They know who you are, where you’re from, what you do for a living, what your personal goals are and why you’re training. They know what makes you tick and they can individualise your training to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every session!

Sometimes you need that push to achieve the things you never thought was possible, but a good coach can also see the bigger picture and be able to pull or scale you back in order to establish good habits and technique.


“Alex has created a really safe environment for training with huge emphasis on technique. Alex works hard to ensure that each member gets the most out of their training. He knows when to push you hard and when to take a step back and focus on having great technique.”


(2015 Nominee Alex Cheong)



4)     Your coach is professional

This includes being punctual, presentable and present! No one wants a coach who is glued to their phone or distracted by the latest cat video on Facebook. They have no favourites and everyone (be it novice or elite) is coached. They are there for YOU.


5)     Your coach knows their boundaries

A good coach knows how to let go. They may know stuff but sometimes there are things that may need further investigation or assessment from a specialist. A good coach knows when to refer on


“The priority for Claire is that each participant achieves each goal using the correct technique. Claire will stop anyone who is using incorrect technique, whether it be lifting or stretching, the member will then be encouraged to return to basics with corresponding weight or technique - this is non-negotiable and ultimately keeps all members safe from injury and strain. Claire has a broad referral base of highly skilled professionals for members to link for treatment if required”

(2015 Nominee Coach Claire Campbell)


6)     Your coach is an all round awesome person

Aside from all of the above, you gotta, to some degree, like your coach right?… why would you keep coming back otherwise?

We believe in coaches who can make you feel like coaching you is the best part of their day!



“Super guy, selfless, hard working and an absolute legend! “

(2015 Runner Up Coach Eric Blyth Evlin)


He's the nicest bloke around. A hidden gem in Melbourne”

(2015 Nominee Paris Little)


“He's a personable, funny, welcoming, intelligent, knowledgeable, warm coach that helps everybody strive to be the best version of themselves that they can be”

(2015 Winner Coach Steve Leishmann)




So if you believe that your coach meets all of the above criteria, here are some ways to nominate them:


1) Take a photo or video of your favourite coach in action and post it on Instagram. Remember to tag us @evolutio_ and use the hashtag #EvolutioComp


2) Click here to submit a nomination


There will be only one Winner!

The Winning Submission will win their Coach and Gym/Training Facility prizes worth over $1700

- A 2 Hour Evolutio Workshop run by 2 Superb Evolutio Physio's (valued at $500)

- 5 Mobility Sceptres (valued at $175)

- $200 worth of Evolutio Physio vouchers

- The Evolutio Online Injury Prevention and Management Course (valued at $450)

- 2 Bags of Primal Health Products - Protein Powder (valued at $138)

- An Enfer Running Technique Session for 1.5 hrs

- Clothing from Fairbairn Boxing


There will also be a weekly prize drawn for an individual with the best/most creative nomination so get on board!