Our Ace Workshops and How you can be a part of them

It’s tough being a physio today.  But, so it should be.

Discussions about how we treat and why we do what we do should be happening every day. If not, you need to get out from under your rock and get the conversation started.


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So much of our doctrine is based on science, evidence based practice and to some degree, practicing within our scope as determined by our professional registration board.

This is not a bad thing. I like it a lot.

What I don’t like is that we sometimes get complacent.  What we learnt at uni 5 years ago (for some of us its been over 10 years!) may not be so relevant today yet we continue to quote our favourite lecturer who probably quoted their favourite author, who probably also quoted their favourite guru- (hands up if you still use an eccentric only program to treat tendons??)

The other point to make is that it’s ok to step outside the realms of ‘what has been researched’ and do a bit of your own investigating.

Evolutio research department

Evolutio research department

We all treat differently, and things have certainly moved on from the days of applying heat packs and doing the token swirly thing with ultrasound gel.

The saying that “there is more than one way to skin a cat”  (ironically, a quote that we always quote but don’t actually know its exact origins…I mean, who skins cats these days??) holds true in this case.


Come and find out why we do what we do and let us show you why we believe a patient can keep pressing overhead if they have a sore shoulder, why they should flex their spine and still keep deadlifting if they have a back injury and why the dreaded clam should be wiped out for all of eternity.

Our Ace Workshops start in August, on the first wednesday of every month. Come and join us for some laughs, beers and professional development by clicking below and signing up. You can also tell your friends, but each of our sessions is currently only open to Physiotherapists registered in Australia and each workshop is limited to 12 spots.


Jac is one of the best known Physio's out in the Melbourne Sports and CrossFit market. She comes from an experienced background in Sports Physiotherapy through many years working in London and Melbourne.

She has a wicked eye for Analyzing Movement and Biomechanics. Jac is also a coach at CrossFit U in West Melbourne.

Jac works at Evolutio in the new Richmond clinic found at 11,3 Bromham Place RIchmond, 3121, Melbourne on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Bookings with Jac can be made here