Mixed grip deadlifts are fucking stupid

Warning: strong language.

Also warning: rant.

A mixed grip deadlift is when you hold onto the barbell with one hand in a supinated/underhand position (palm facing out) and the other in an overhand position (back of hand facing out).

The Deadlift, Friend or Foe?

The Deadlift, Friend or Foe?

The deadlift is considered the grand-daddy of the gym and strength and conditioning world. If you want a bigger snatch or bench… get deadlifting. If you want to run faster, jump higher.. Get deadlifting.  The hype about the deadlift is warranted. It is one of the most bang for your buck exercises and if executed well can give you big rewards in performance.  But if this lift is so good why are deadlifts kryptonite for some lifters?